Bail Association of Connecticut 

Congratulations to our 
New Board of Directors

Andrew Marocchini
Vice President:
Daniel Toner
Liza Davis
Vincent Fabi
Joseph McVetty
BEA Liaison/Rep:
Jeremy Wilcox
Immediate Past President:
Andrew (Drew) Bloom


Governor's Bill HB 7044 AAC
The Bail Association of Connecticut seeks to help self regulate the bail bond industry in partnership with the State of Connecticut.  

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Message From The President

I believe the Bail Industry in Connecticut is one of the best in the country. We have always had the cooperation and support of the offices of the Chief States Attorney and Department of Insurance. Yet, year after year state legislators have proposed bills that would eliminate the bail bond industry in Connecticut. Working with both the Chief States Attorney's office and the Department of Insurance the Bail Association of Connecticut endeavor to lobby for much needed changes to the Bail Bond industry. Together we lobby for reform, rather than removal of a vital part of the public's Constitutional Right to Reasonable Bail.

Best Regards
Andrew (Drew) Bloom
Bail Association of Connecticut


Who we are

The Bail Association of Connecticut is devoted to keeping an ear to the ground, listening for any activities that affect the Bail Industry. We testify at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford anytime there is legislation that may affect Bail or Bail Enforcement agents. Our primary goal is to provide a united voice for licensed Bail and Bail Enforcement Agents, effectively representing their interests on the local, state and national levels. We strive to come up with new ideas to better our industry. Our leadership works with the Legislators and other state agencies to keep our form of pretrial release a legitimate choice
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The Fight is on and now!

The fight is on! Nationwide there are pretrial release programs working in competition with our industry. They have become our biggest competitors. A few states have fallen prey to their enticements. We must not become one of them. They come like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 
They will preach how people are being locked up on unreasonable bonds. This is true. They should be lowering the amounts of bail. They will preach that innocent people are locked up for way to long awaiting trials. This is true as well. Many courts are taking 2 to 3 times as long to prosecute people and some opt to plead out just to get out.
They try to discuss the cost to the taxpayers as if it will be better to let all the non-violent offenders out without bail. Here is where they are dead wrong! 

We have been conducting a study that will show that 90% of all FTA warrants in CT are not on Bail Bonds. Right now there are approximately 43,000 warrants on the state web site. About 5% if them are for VOP. The rest are FTA. That’s over 40,000 FTA warrants outstanding. That’s about 36,000 that no one is looking for. Many are for violent offenders. Many are for FTA. Many are for Felonies. All 36,000 have the same problem. NO ONE IS LOOKING FOR THEM! These are people who have been ordered by the court to appear and have thumbed their noses up at the authorities and said “no way man.” They are not being held accountable for their actions. 

When someone asks you, “what is the difference if someone is released on a PTA or on Bond” you must tell them it is all about accountability. When someone says that someone out on a Bail Bonds is the same danger to the public as someone who is release on a PTA you tell them “that’s simply just not true. If the defendant absconds and no one looks for them, they learn that our state has become hunting grounds for their criminal activities. The word gets around and criminals come in from other states to prey upon our citizens.”

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